About Us

  • Hi, we are Patrick & Carol Mather-Pike, from Port Elizabeth in South Africa. After years of working in construction & engineering and Carol in science (zoology) we were sick & tired of working hard and getting nowhere financially.
    Then we were introduced to NeoLife International
    – an amazing company that’s been around since 1958
    – operates in over 55 countries worldwide
    – the world leaders in wholefood, organic  nutritional supplements
    We looked at the marketing plan and, although we were sceptical, realized that we had nothing to lose (there is absolutely no risk) and, just maybe, as Independent NeoLife Distributors, we could make a little extra.
    WE DID!
    As time went on, we developed a business that enabled us to get out of debt, fire our bosses & really start living!

    Today, having helped distributors in 15 countries worldwide (and growing), we are living the life of our dreams
    –        free from stress
    –        free from financial worries
    –        and able to determine our own schedules!  We decide when to work & when to play!
    Not only are we financially better off, but our health has improved due to the incredible NeoLife supplements.
    More importantly, over the last 20+ years , through the training and association (both live and via media and publications) with NeoLife’s Scientific Advisory Board we have gained an extensive background in nutrition and health. We are now both qualified nutritionists and are committed to constantly improving our knowledge, and that of others. We read extensively, attend seminars and subscribe to numerous health & nutrition newsletters and are constantly updating our database of health & nutrition information. This has enabled us to improve our own health and play a part in helping many others to improve theirs.
    We’d love to help you:
    – improve your health, by subscribing to our informative health reports and by supplying you with NeoLife’s amazing products.
    –  improve your finances and build a residual income by partnering with us & NeoLife.
    – support you with your own website and online training & support
    –  give you access to our support & training materials (CDs, DVDs, webinars,books etc.)
    Please browse our website and feel free to contact us if there’s any additional info you’d like.