Dealing With Depression

 We all know someone who suffers from depression or have been depressed ourselves. The problem comes in when we can’t get over the depression and it becomes chronic.

Diabetes – Type 2

Did you know that –

Type 2, or “age onset” DIABETES, the diabetes most likely to affect you and your family, is brought about by lifestyle choices and can be avoided and even reversed?  

Cancer Part 1 – Natural Strategies for Preventing Cancer

 CANCER – just the word is enough to frighten us but did you know –

Cancer is thought by some scientists to be a “man-made” disease,1 brought about almost entirely by environmental factors and lifestyle choices. So, by making simple lifestyle changes, we can reduce our chances of ever getting cancer! Just as important, if one has cancer, these same lifestyle choices will help increase the chances of recovery.

Cancer Part 2 – How To Survive And Thrive

More people than ever before are surviving cancer today.

The aim, however, should be to do more than just survive but rather to thrive. Thriving starts by minimizing the negative effects of conventional cancer treatments, achieving remission and then, going on to live a healthy, vibrant life thereafter.


Heart disease is the world’s biggest killer – yet it’s easy to prevent with simple lifestyle changes.

All the major health organizations in the world, like the World Health Organization, the Centres for Disease Control, the American Heart Foundation, etc., are saying the same thing: that eating more colourful fruits and vegetables and oily fish and exercising more, can help prevent heart disease.
NeoLife has, over the last five decades, been at the forefront of supplement development to help you protect your heart and arteries.


Did you know that the number of active brain cells a child is born with, is the number it will have for life?

Diet and supplementation during pregnancy, and even before conception, are critical to the optimum development of your child. Research has long shown the essential role nutrients play in foetal development. For instance  folic acid (one of the B vitamins) is critical for neural tube development, omega 3 for eye and brain development. NeoLife’s  organic, wholefood supplements are the perfect choice for mom’s – whether you’re pregnant or just planning to be.